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 Huge changes in game development.

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PostSubject: Huge changes in game development.   Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:17 pm

Hello Guys,

There are going to be some HUGE changes to the way we develop our games, the most obvious and important of which is that we will be using a much more powerful, complex, diverse and professional programming language for our games from now on. We will also be using an incredible programme to create 3d environments that is used by some off the most prominent games developers in Europe!

New programming Language

The new programming language that we will be using to develop most off our games in the future is python - an open source quick yet powerful language that is used by fairaxis games to create their most popular game civilisation, amongst many others. Compared to it's main competitor, C# and C++ it is faster, lighter and much easier and quicker for our developers to use, which reduces the time requited to create decent games substantial.

With python will will be able to create 3D and secure multiplayer games which both our players and development team have been longing for. Python also allows to create applications, which our team is looking very closely at. The possibilities are almost endless with python, web programmes, games, database, networking, you name it python can do it!

One off the very few downsides to our new language is the dramatic increase off time that would be required to create games and a substantial amount off time would be required for our developers to gain the skills required to create complex programmes. To create any sort of game would take multiple months, even with the largest and most skilled teams.

3D graphics

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs, we will be able to create 3D games with our new programming language and we have acquired a programme that allows us to do so. Max 3D is used by architects, engineers and more importantly to us games developers! It allows us to create diverse and detailed 3D environments that be impossible with our current programme.

Max 3D allows us to build virtually anything, from swamps and grass lands to immense skyscrapers and bustling cities! Due to this is it definitely NOT a simple programme to use and is likely to take longer to create the graphics that it will to code the game it's self. We feel that this is more than reasonable however to increase the quality off our games 10-fold.

Sound Effects and Music

Until now we have not had any sort of sound editing kit; not even the most simple! Now however, we have audacity, a free open source programme that allows us to edit music and even voice act! This may not seem overly important, but sound is a huge part of any game and can increase the amount of enjoyment you get dramatically!

In all off our previous games we have neglected sound, we may have had a song playing in the background but that is really about it. No sounds when you click something, no sound when you complete a task, something not even a change in background music through the whole game. While this is partly due to the very low memory capacity off our old programming language it was mainly due to the lack off sounds available to us which is not true any more!

With all off these new software packages and changes to the way we work, I can honestly say without a doubt that JHgames has and is still progressing by a ridiculous amount! What started off as a simple query in one off my programming lessons at school has turned into what we now know as JHgames - a games developing company brimming with potential!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Proud to be Lead Developer

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Huge changes in game development.
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