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 Acronym game!

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PostSubject: Acronym game!   Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:18 pm

On this thread, you will have to make up an acronym for a word, BUT the word that you will have to use will be chosen for you.

This is how it works:

Player 1 makes an acronym for "Lobster"


Now, Player 2 (who posts after Player 1), has to make an acronym from the LAST WORD used in Player 1's acronym

Player 1 used "Roses" for their last word.
This means that Player 2 would use "Roses" as the base for their acronym.
Player 2's post:

Explored the

(Okay, Player 2 made a weird acronym, but that isn't the point.)

Then Player 3 would make one using "Sea" and so on...

If you were thinking "What if the last word is very long? What should I do?" then don't fear!
If the last word is OVER 6 letters long, use the second to last word or accept the challenge.
If the second to last word if over 6 letters long, then just keep going up the line until you find a suitable word.
Also, if you get "stuck" when someone posts right before you, then just don't worry too much about it. If it is easy to change your post, then do so, but otherwise just continue on with the game.
By the way, it is much more fun if other people have the chance to do your acronym so give them time to think of one.

Thanks for reading all of the rules. Please abide by them.
Also, make sure to use appropriate words.
If you have second thoughts if something is appropriate or not, it probably isn't.


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Acronym game!
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