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 Blue Ball announcement

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PostSubject: Blue Ball announcement   Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:45 am

Blue Ball announcement

Recently the JHgames team has been creating much higher quality games, and we do not feel that blue ball is meeting the new standards being set. Whilst everyone in the team loves it and I myself often spend long amounts of time playing it. However, we must bid our farewells to blue ball as we are henceforth scrapping any future developments and any current releases will cease to be endorsed by JHgames.

Will we still be able to play blue ball

Yes, you will still be able to play the game on both the forums and the Scratch website.

You said any future developments are scrapped, dose that mean you were planning something?

We were planning a HUGE amount of updates for blue ball and even 2 new games, 4 campaigns and 3 mini games. While these updates may seem great and able to bring the standard of blue ball up, all of these new features were planned to be for either V.I.P club members or made accessible by purchasing then via the game gold shop; as such, only a small percentage of players would be able to access the high quality game.

Could you not have just added some updates instead of scrapping it?

Nothing that we could update, such as levels and such could have fixed the flaws that were present in the core gameplay. There were too many glitches that often made the game un-playable; such as not being able to jump or being unable to progress to the next level. We feel that it would be more time consuming to fix these problems and dismantle the code than it would be to create another higher quality game.

What will this new game be that replaces blue ball

In all honesty we have not even given it a thought. Obviously it takes time to come up with ideas for new games and we are already working on two new games that will more than fill the hole that blue ball has left. If you have any ideas however please feel free to send us an email on one of the following accounts:

Lead Developer: J.barnett@jhgamesmain.webs.com

Enquiries: Enquiries@jhgamesmain.webs.com

Lead Developer

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Blue Ball announcement
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