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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:27 am

JHgames Forum Rules JHgames Official Post

The JHgames forums are a fun, friendly and safe place for anyone and everyone in the entire world to discuss with each other about JHgames studios games or what ever else that they would like. We, the staff and all of the JHgames members would like to keep it this way - A safe haven to have fun.

To Help us achieve this goal we ask that all existing and future members of these forums follow a set of rules which are laid down on this thread. All of these guidelines are easy to follow and will require you to go out of your way to break them - It's Much Easier to abide by these rules than it is to break them.

However, there are and always will be some members who, for what ever reason, make an effort to disrupt the day-to-day running of the forums or harass members. Such users will be deals with severely and will most likely be removed from the forums and retained from posting in the future.

Thank you for reading, and please continue,
The entire JHgames team.

Posting - Keeping the Forums Tidy

Research • Before Creating a topic use the Search function to check if there are any existing topics that you could use rather than creating a new one. If you do not search and by accident create a near duplicate of an already existing thread, your thread will be locked for plagiarism.

Topic Tiles • Try to make your topic title as descriptive as possible so that members are able to tell specifically what your thread is about. A title such as "Pop Music" is an example of a title that is too vague, such titles will be changed by a moderator and ignored by members.

Language • As these forums are in English and the majority of members have English as their first language and/or can speak very fluent English, all posts must be in English. Things along the lines of secret codes and encrypted messages do also count as other languages and as such are not permitted.

Colours and Style • We ask that you try to keep colours and style to a minimum in posts and should only use them for emphasis. Flash, videos and audio should Never be used in posts and will be removed by a moderator.

Off Topic • Whilst any conversation is welcome on these forums, it is only polite that you stay on topic while posting. A user that clicks a thread titled "GaGa's GaGa!" will almost certainly not want to read a discussion about shoes, so keep that in mind when posting a response.

Spam • Posting repetitive, unwanted or unneeded messages is considered spam and is looked down upon by members and staff alike. Any users that persistently spam will have their posting privileges provoked permanently.

Interaction -Keeping members safe and happy

Trolling • Posting inflammatory, rude or offensive comments, aimed at a specific member or group of members to provoke a response (widely known as trolling) is completely unacceptable and will be dealt with by moderators severely.

Respect Members • All members should be shown the utmost respect at all times, swearing or making rude comments to or about members is very disrespectful and any such comments will be removed by a moderator immediately and a sanction will be issued to the person who posted the comment.

Respect Staff • The JHgames staff are all volunteers and do not get paid for their hard work. All of our staff team work diligently to improve the forums and to assist it's members and should be given the utmost respect for this.

Back-seat Moderation • Our Moderators work hard moderating the forums, keeping them neat, tidy and safe. Because we have this excellent team we do not need you members to help moderate by taking it upon them selves to punish other members and 'lay down the law'. By all means point issues out to moderators and point out to users that they may have stepped out of the rules, but remember we have moderators!

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Forum Rules
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