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 General forum chat lounge

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PostSubject: General forum chat lounge   Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:01 am


Welcome to the General Forum Chat Lounge.

This lounge serves as a place for General Forumers to gather and take part in casual discussions about whatever is on their mind.

The lounge is for the use of anyone who wishes to participate and welcomes posters from all forums.

The lounge is now open, you may post.



-=- Lounge Rules -=-

- This Lounge is open to all forumers, everyone is to be treated with respect.

- Derailing, flaming, trolling or any attempts to hurt others are not permitted on this thread or anywhere else in the forums, please refrain from posting as such.

- It obviously goes without saying, but occasionally needs to be said anyway, please follow all Forum Rules to ensure the enjoyment of all.

- Please respect all staff members.

Thank you.

You may now post!


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General forum chat lounge
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